Compactus units - maloufs

Mobile Storage Units or compactus® units are a storage system where static bays of shelving are mounted on mobile bases. They are easily moved to create transferable access Isle where it is needed, saving floor space up to half.

compactus® are usually fixed at one end, and have mobile bays that are able to be rolled towards the fixed end, closing the unit and allowing it to be locked.

compactus® maximise storage space, while still allowing easy access to records or materials. They are designed to save space and time by providing a high density storage system.

compactus® are used for a variety of different storage needs, including stationary goods, medical records, and archive boxes.

Mobile Shelving or compactus® are equally at home in warehouses, storerooms,
or garages.

There are two different types of compactus®, Hand Operated, or Mechanically
Assisted. They are either self based or floor mounted. The most common
compactus® are Self Based, Hand Operated units, while floor mounted units
are often larger compactus® and Mechanically Assisted by means of safe-wind

Malouf's stock a large range of second hand compactus®, in a variety of
configurations and sizes. Including,


Brownbuilt Dexion
  • BOC Range
  • Office
  • Maxtors
  • Namco
  • Dexion free track compactus®
  • Mek drive compactus®
  • Multi-bay compactus®