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Order picking is important to the effective running of warehouses and distribution centres. Malouf’s stock conveyor systems to help business move boxes and cartons effortlessly from one packing area to the next.

Whether it’s an accumulation system based on roller conveyors, pick-to-belt within rack modules, or gravity lines for order assembly and trailer loading, we can design and install the exact conveyor system for your needs.


Gravity Conveyors

Gravity conveyors are the cost effective solution to many materials handling needs.

The rollers reduce friction and allow goods to be moved manually without the aid of power.

They are available in 1.5m and 3m Long lengths.


Lineshaft Conveyors

Lineshaft is based on the principle of being able to drive rollers individually from a common drive shaft.


Modular Roller Conveyors

A robust system comprising of a number of small geared motor units powering sections of live roller conveyor beds.


Belt Conveyors

Powered belt conveyors are designed for applications where improved load control and speed of operation are important factors.

They are particularly useful when a conveyor is required to carry fragile loads or a wide range of load weight.


Corner turn

The corner turn module allows 90º change of direction in a space of 600mm or 900mm square, the outside rollers rotate faster than the inside rollers, to help drive the packages through turn.

Two modules may be assembled together where 180º turn is required.


Accordian Conveyors

Accordian Conveyors are a great choice when warehouse space is limited or the use of the conveyor is limited.

The Accordian Conveyor expands and contracts, twist and turns to provide flexible use in any warehouse.

They set up in seconds and folds away just as quick to allow you to save space.

They are great for light assembly work while still rugged enough for bigger jobs.