Brownbuilt uni-channel (metric) - maloufs

Brownbuilt Uni-channel is one the most flexible storage systems available. It has a comprehensive range to suit almost any storage needs. It is easily adaptable to light and heavy duty shelves, and is available in long span as it is compatible with Brownbuilt pallet racking beams. The 41mm wide uprights are available up to 3m tall. And allow 50mm shelf adjustment.

Brownbuilt Uni-Channel has been designed to maximise warehouse storage space and accommodate loads of varying shapes and sizes, from small parts to heavy duty bulk storage.

Shelves are independently adjustable in adjacent bays to maximise individual bay storage. The Capacity of Light duty shelves is rated at 110kg and Heavy
duty Shelves 230kgs, per shelf level (UDL). This storage system is available in two colours, it is powder coated in Wild Oats and Silver Grey.

The Brownbuilt Uni-channel shelving system can be built with solid or open frames, allowing an open structure or fully enclosed storage units. Uni-channel can be assembled in a variety of configurations with either bolted or welded frame structures. Uni-channel frames are comprised of uprights manufactured from cold-rolled, high tensile steel with a slimline lipped channel profile.

It has a High load capacity to maximise storage capability. It is ideal for heavy-duty, bulky loads. The Brownbuilt Uni-channel upright design can accommodate multiple shelf support systems within the same unit, to allow storage of a wide range of different size products in the same storage area.


Download: Brownbuilt Shelving



Constructed from 1.6mm thick high tensile steel.

Roll formed, lipped channel design.

Available in continuous lengths or spliced combinations.


Bolted Support

Light and Medium Duty shelves can be bolted through the shelf side flange to the upright. Shelf spacing is adjustable in 25mm nominal increments.

Most effective method of securing shelves against accidental dislodgment.


Light Duty Clip

Magi clip used for Light Duty shelves.

Simple to insert within the shelf return. Does not obstruct shelf contents. Shelf spacing is adjustable in 25mm nominal increments.


Beam Bracket

Stepped beam design to provide for board insert panels as an alternative wide span storage method. Notched beam bracket design to allow beams to be set at the same level in adjacent bays.

Safety clips fitted to each light duty beam to prevent accidental dislodgment.


Full Depth Shelf Support

Used with bolted multiple in-fill shelves for wide span, heavy duty storage applications. Twin studs lock into front and rear uprights and can be used as an alternative to front/back bracing in multiple shelf applications.

Safety clips prevent accidental dislodgment. Shelves can be secured to supports front and rear by bolt fixing or drive-in fastener assembly.


Heavy Duty Clip

Used for Medium duty shelves.

Two-prong anti-swivel clip prevents shelf roll under load.

Shelf spacing is adjustable in 50mm nominal increments.