Brownbuilt channel (imperial) - maloufs

Brownbuilt channel is the original heavy duty storage system supplied by Brownbuilt. Its simple design allows easy assembly and functionality. Top and bottom shelves are bolted and intermediate shelves are adjustable every 50mm.

Uprights are a u-shaped steel channel, with parallel rectangular slots along the length where Brownbuilt heavy duty clips slot into. Brownbuilt Channel is available in two standard colours. It comes in Slate Grey and Carnarvon.

Brownbuilt heavy duty channel shelving is available all open with cross bracing, or with solid sides and back sheets.

It is commonly used in garages and warehouses to store heavy loads. Shelves sit on heavy duty clip which are easily re-positioned for different load sizes.

Alternatively Heavy Duty and Light Duty Shelves are able to be bolted so they are unable to be accidentally dislodged. Full Depth Shelf Supports are available in some sizes.

Brownbuilt Channel is a very similar storage system to Steelbilt S-Type. Both systems come in similar sizes and have similar shaped slots in the up-rights where the clips are placed.

The Brownbuilt Shelves are a slightly different shape and do not fit properly in Steelbilt shelving systems. However, Malouf’s have designed a clip which will allow the shelves to be interchangeable between the two systems.