Steelbilt s-type - maloufs

Steelbilt S-type is a heavy duty Shelving system designed to carry heavy loads. Each bay is constructed individually, with four separate posts on every bay for added strength.

Not only does this increase the shelving’s strength, it also means that when it is relocated, or runs are separated, no extra uprights are needed.

The Upright Posts are curved which gives the appearance of an “S”. They are easily bolted together to create runs of bays, or bolted back to back for double sided shelving.

Along the length of the upright there are parallel rectangular slots every 50mm which clips slot into. Steelbilt S-type is available in a variety of colours, the most common being Slate Grey.


Like most Heavy Duty shelving, Steelbilt S-Type shelving can be assembled with cross bracing or with solid backs and sides to stabilise the units.

This shelving is suitable for all storage needs, including archive boxes, heavy cartons, tool and spare parts.

Steelbilt S-Type is a very similar storage system to Brownbuilt Channel. Both systems come in similar heights and shelf sizes, they have the same size and shaped holes for the clips to slot into.

The Steel Shelves are slightly different shaped and do not fit properly in Brownbuilt shelving systems. However, Malouf’s have designed a clip which will allow the shelves to be interchangeable between the two systems.