Supermarket - maloufs

Supermarket Shelving comes in a variety of sizes.

It is available in single or double sided bays. Double sided bays are 5ft tall allowing vision through out the store and single sided bays are available in 4ft or 7ft tall units to maximise space.

The Shelving comes with a variety of back sheets, including plain, pegboard, steel, or open. Shelves are available in 900 wide or 1200 wide.

Supermarket Shelving is very easy to assemble. All components are clipped together and no nuts and bolts are needed.

Shelves sit on top of counter leaver arms and back panels slide into place.

Shelves are usually deeper on the bottom levels and narrower towards the top
shelves, this allows products to be easily displayed and selected.

Supermarket Shelving is ideal for Hardware, Petrol Outlets, Plumbing Outlets,
Gardening Centres, Paint Stores and Supermarkets. Pharmacies, Pet Shops,
Stationery Shops etc.