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Pallet Racking and Storage Shelving

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There is no job too big or too small...

We are able to do any-sized job in your garage, storeroom, factory unit or large warehouse.


We provide a service to minimise disruption to your business and ensure that your shelving or pallet racking is installed to OHS Standards.


Just as we offer an installation service, we also offer a dismantling service. We are able to dismantle any type of racking or shelving.


We can dismantle, transport and reinstall your racking or shelving from one warehouse to another.


We are able to offer repair service where racks have been damaged. We can advise on the best and cheapest method to repair the racks to OHS Standards.

Rack Certification

Maloufs can inspect your racking to ensure that it is built according to Australian Standards and supply safe loading signs where required.

Dyna-bolt Removal

When relocating or moving from a leased warehouse, it is often required that dynabolts left behind from the pallet racking are removed completely from the ground and filled with epoxy resin.

Trade-In’s & Buy-Backs

As Maloufs is a second-hand dealer, we are constantly buying back excess pallet racking and steel shelving.

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About Us

Maloufs is a family own business.

We are leaders in the storage industry, and have been specialising in new and used pallet racking and storage shelving for over 50 years - being established in 1964.

At Maloufs, we have a highly regarded reputation for supplying pallet racking and shelving and are well known throughout NSW, regional areas and the wider East Coast.

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Maximize your warehouse space with our high-quality pallet racking

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is a Bay of Shelving or Pallet Racking?

    A Bay of Shelving Or Racking is one shelving unit. Shelving and Racking is counted in bays. However, Two bays of racking or shelving does not mean that there will be twice the amount of material in a single bay. i.e. If there are two bays of Pallet Racking joined together, there will be only 3 Frames not Four, and bays may have a different number of shelf levels.

  • What Brand of Pallet Racking or Shelving Do I Have?

    Malouf’s stock all brands of Pallet Racking and Steel Shelving. If you are unsure of what brand of racking you have, visit our racking identification page. Or for Shelving, visit our Gallery page. If you are still unsure, simply send us a picture by email or bring a sample of your shelving down so we can correctly identify the brand, or alternatively request a representative to visit your warehouse.

  • Do you have a wide selection?

    At Malouf’s, we have over 3000sqm of Second Hand Steel Shelving and Pallet Racking. We constantly have a wide variety of storage systems. We are able to advise and show you the best storage system for your needs.

  • Can we take it with us?

    Yes, All our stock is on site at Mascot. While it may take some time to pack larger orders, all materials are available to take when you want them. It’s as easy as bringing down your car or truck, getting loaded and driving out!

  • Are you able to deliver?

    Yes. Malouf’s Daily Service the Greater Sydney Metropolis area. We are also able to deliver to most areas surrounding Sydney such as Newcastle, Wollongong and Canberra. In most cases we are able to deliver within a few working days.

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