MantaMesh Wire Mesh Decking

Wire Mesh Decking Panels sit over pallet racking beams.

They have inbuilt welded support channels.


Particleboard Retainer Clips

For light applications, the board can be used unsupported being held in place using Particleboard Retainer Clips (Z clips).


Board Support Channels

For heavier applications, the use of Board Support Channels increases the carrying capacity of the board and locks the board into position.


Column Guard

The column guard is bolted to the floor in front of the uprights providing protection from forklifts to the bottom portion of the upright.

As it is not connected to the upright it takes all impact.


Barrel Chocks

Barrel Chocks are used when barrels or drums are to be stored on Pallet Racking Beams. They prevent the barrel from rolling along the beam.

The Barrel chocks are fitted over the front beam or both front and rear beams, but are not fixed.


Fork Entry Bars

These are used when unsuitable pallets or unpalletised loads are to be stored on beams and handled by forklift trucks.

The bars provide a gap of approximately 75mm above the beam for forks.


Pallet Support Bars

Supported at each end by the beams, Pallet Support Bars provide a secondary support member for pallet racking.

The Pallet Support Bar is designed to have its top surface flush with the beams.


Spacing Tubes


Racking Bracing


Beam Safety Pins


Nuts & Bolts


Splice Kit




Row Spacer / Back Tie


Levelling Plate


Wire Mesh