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The most common compactus® are used in offices and storerooms and have there own bases. These compactus® start at 4 bays long and can be as long as 10 bays. They are generally One bay wide and hand operated.


Self based units have pre-fabricated bases which do not need floor preparation. They have adjustable feet to compensate for uneven floors and enable the unit to be levelled in any room. This allows the compactus® mobile’s to be easily rolled from one end of the unit to the other.

Mobiles are guided into welded channels on the base which keeps the mobile shelving bays in-line and prevents the cabinets from tipping over.

The Shelving bays are flush fitting with the mobiles and base. All bolts are internal providing an aesthetically pleasing finish which makes these compactus®’ ideal for offices or areas visible to the public.

These compactus® are commonly available in 900 or 1200 wide
bays, with a 300 or 400 deep shelf. Heights range from 1800
tall to 2400 tall.