Long span shelving as the name suggests, has long interrupted spans, shelf lengths range from 1800mm up to 2400mm long.

They can have steel or chipboard shelves. Shelf depths range from 400 deep through to 1200 deep.

Long Span Shelving can be likened to mini Pallet Racking. Beams clip into frames and boards slip into recesses in the beams or are screwed down for extra strength and stability.

It differs from pallet racking because the beams are thinner than conventional racking, and the uprights are narrower, so there is no wasted storage space.

Long span shelving is free standing.


Additional shelf levels are easily clipped in and are adjustable.

Bays can be extended by simply adding beams onto existing uprights.

There are no bolts which mean fast and easy instillation. Bays are easily re-configured and relocated.

Long Span Shelving is a heavy duty shelving system.

It is ideal storage system for long and bulky items.

It can be used to store archive boxes, heavy cartons, almost any industrial shelving requirements.