M-SPAN: Cool Room, Freezer and Dry Store Shelving 1800x1500x460 4-tier



The all new M-Span shelf is designed to last a lifetime for an affordable price. Made by over moulding a sub frame with Food Grade Polypropylene to produce a strong shelf in one process. This patented technique reduces the cost and the carbon footprint to benefit both the customer and the environment.

M-Span Shelving is HACCP AUSTRALIA APPROVED and has built in LIFE Anitmicrobial Protection CLICK HERE for more information on LIFE Antimicrobial.


SHELF WIDTHS         310, 460 and 610mm
SHELF LENGTHS         600, 750, 900, 1050, 1200, 1350 and 1500mm
STANDARD POST HEIGHTS         3 tiers – 1200mm high
          4 tiers – 1800mm high
          5 tiers – 2000mm high

Weight Loading: M-Span shelves are rated to 200kgs evenly spaced per tier up to 1200mm long. Sizes 1350mm, 1500mm are rated to 150kg evenly spaced. Shelf clips are rated to 150kg up to 1200mm and 100kg for 1350mm and 1500mm long shelves.

Assembly: M-Span Shelving is quick and simple to assemble requiring no tools. Clear Access Corners and Add On bays use stainless steel M-Span shelf clips eliminating 2 posts. All posts come with nylon adjustable feet.

Warranty: M-Span Shelves: 20 Year Non Corrosion Warranty + 12 Months Structural Warranty against manufacturing defects.

Posts: Choose between 304 Grade Stainless Steel or Galvanised Posts. Each have a 12 Month Structural Warranty against manufacturing defects.

Air Flow: The large flat open surfaces of the M-Span shelf enhance the airflow through the holes in the surface of the shelf.

Usage: Suitable for coolroom, drystore and freezer use. Temperatures from +90° to -30°C.

Environment: The energy needed to produce a shelf has been massively reduced meaning this shelf system has a small carbon footprint. All parts of the M-Span shelf are recyclable.