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Mechanically Assisted compactus® are compactus® where mobiles are rolled along the unit by rotating mechanically driven handles which pull the units along the tracks. These compactus® units also generally have a fixed end which all the bays roll up to allowing the unit to be closed and locked.


Mechanically Assisted compactus® are generally larger compactus® Units. Shelving Bays are usually 900mm wide, however unlike hand operated compactus® they are available from two bays deep up to 7 bays deep (6300). These compactus® are available in almost any size, as small as a 12 bay units, and can be as large as 50 bays or bigger.

Mechanically Assisted compactus® are quite often Floor mounted. These compactus® are used in office’s for large filing requirements or in industrial areas. Because of there size, these compactus® roll on Steel tracks which are attached to the floor and levelled to within 1mm and packed with a non shrink grout to maintain the level. Floor drilling and carpet cutting is required.

Mechanically Assisted compactus® can be made to fit any room or storage area. While shelves are generally 900 wide, they can be 300, 400, or 450 deep. These compactus® are able to be made almost any height.