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Narrow Aisle Racking is a storage system which allow a greater capacity for storage by minimizing Isle widths and Maximizing Roof Height while still allowing access to individual pallets. It is made up from the same components as selective racking, but with runs placed closer together, reducing the wasted space of a wide aisle. Pallets are accessed with specialised trucks, which are guided into aisles by floor mounted guide rails – not much wider than the load itself.


Narrow Aisle Racking has a variety of uses, it is often used for non-palletised items that need to be manually retrieved, such as archive boxes, furniture or other goods that need individual picking. By allowing fork trucks to operate in aisles up to half the width required in conventional adjustable pallet racking, Narrow Aisle pallet racking makes excellent use of floor space. It also maximises the height at which goods can be stacked. It is designed for safe and efficient handling within the tight confines of these narrow aisles. Guide rails fitted at floor level ensure precise positioning of trucks. This has the multiple benefit of improving safety, whilst minimising the incidence of accidental damage to racking as well as improving the speed and accuracy of load handling.