Push Back Racking offer the same storage density as drive-in & drive-thru racks but offers greater selectivity. All loads are stored and retrieved from the aisle. Pallets in each lane rest on a cart on a rail that slopes gently toward the front.

When a new pallet is placed into a lane, it ‘pushes back’ all the pallets behind it. When a pallet is retrieved, the pallets in that lane roll forward to fill the empty position. Fork Lifts never enter the racking.

The ideal application for Push Back Racking will be where all loads in a lane are identical and first-in/first-out stock rotation is not crucial.


Push Back Racking

Pallet Flow Racking stores pallets at an angle on a roller system. Flow rails allow pallets to move by gravity from the loading end to the retrieval end. As a pallet is removed, the pallet behind it moves forward to the front of the racking. An automatic Backing system controls pallet speed.

Pallet Flow Racking is used to store multiple pallets of various products. Pallet flow racking is a first in first out storage system. Once pallets are loaded, product rotation is automatic.
Pallet Flow Racking provides dense storage with
faster handling and simple pallet selection.

Power Mobile Racking

is Selective racking which has been mounted on motorised bases.

Whole Rows of racking are moved along a powered track system to create a single aisle where it is needed.

It has all the benefits of block stacking while allowing selectivity to every pallet.

Colby Mini Load Shelving

Mini Load Shelving is a smaller version of pallet racking.

This system is recommended for light, to medium-duty warehouse, retail and industrial storage applications.

Tyre Racking

is constructed from Selective Racking which has been modified to store tyres.

Cable Racking

Standard pallet racking can be fitted with special cable rack support brackets on one face of the rack that are used to hold tubular cable drum support bars.

The advantage of this system is that cable can be unwound from the drums to the desired length without having to handle the drum.

Several drums may be stored in each bay depending on drum size and weight.

Carpet Racking

is a long span racking system that enables single rolls of carpet to be selected at random.

Two or more rows of Standard pallet Racking is configured to form a single deep rack. Decking is placed on each shelf level to provide a uniform support underneath carpet rolls.

A-Frame Racking

Pallet Racking can be configured into with beams which can be used to store long loads in the vertical such as lengths of timber.

This allows individual lengths of product to be manually stored and retrieved.

Dividers are available to separate different products and sizes.

Clothes Racking

Dexion Deep Store

DEXION has introduced a new range of unique, high-density, drive-in racking called Deep Store.

Archive Racking

Pallet Racking can be designed and built to store large numbers of archive boxes.