At Malouf’s, we stock many different accessories for all brands of steel shelving.


Cross Bracing

Cross braces are used to stabilize shelving units horizontally and laterally, to prevent them from collapsing.


Shelving Dividers

Dividers can de used to separate items and organise shelves into sections or pigeon holes. Shelf dividers are made to fit a 300 deep shelf through to 600deep, and all come in a number of different heights.

Steel Shelf dividers are available for both imperial and metric shelves.


Toaster racks

Toaster racks easily slip onto shelves to allow documents to be separated and easily sorted.


Small Parts Box


Kick Plates

Kick plates are used to prevent dust and small objects from slipping under shelving units.



Gussets are used as an alternative to cross bracing to stabilize angle shelving units. By using Gussets shelving bays are completely open and able to be accessed from all sides.



Feet are available for shelving units to protect floors from being scratched.


Hanging Files

Hanging files are used to store files in shelving units, where individual files can easily be removed and replaced.


Rollout Filing Frames


Rollout Reference Shelf