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Rolled Upright Type or RUT shelving is a steel shelving unit made up from solid backs and solid uprights.

The uprights are made with a rolled front so there are no sharp edges while increasing the units strength and providing a professional cosmetic finish.

With RUT shelving, the top and bottom shelves are bolted and the middle shelves are clipped. The shelves areable to be adjusted within 25mm increments.

The basic shelf components of side panels, back panels and shelves make it easy to extend individual bays to make continuous rows of shelving.

Bays can be built back-to-back, where shelving units share a common back panel and side panels. The Solid side panels and back panels allow goods to be clearly separated into different stock lines for picking.

Rut Shelving is commonly used in offices, warehouses, storerooms, and many other areas where strong reliable shelving is required. It comes in a variety of colours and sizes.

This system can be easily adjusted or relocated and is available in a large range of sizes and colours.