Our Services

Maloufs have been leaders in the second-hand shelving and pallet racking industry for over 50 years. We have developed a wide range of services to offer help to our customers with their storage needs.


There is no job too big or too small.. we have very experienced staffs that are able to professionally assemble any storage system, including pallet racking, steel shelving, compactus, floorings, and conveyors. We provide a fast and professional installation service to minimize disruption to your business and ensure that your shelving or pallet racking is installed correctly.


Just as we offer a professional installation service, we also offer a dismantling service. With little notice, we are able to dismantle any type of shelving or racking. Maloufs staffs will dismantle and stack all materials neatly. For pallet racking, Maloufs will grind dyna-bolts back to floor level leaving a smooth surface on the floor. If needed, we are able to completely remove dyna bolts from the ground. Malouf’s staff will strap the goods ready for transportation. As part of the dismantling service, we are able to transport your goods to your new warehouse or storage facility.


Maloufs can provide a full relocation service for businesses when they are relocating or moving to larger premises. We are able to quickly dismantle, transport, relocate and re-assemble your shelving or racking. We can even dismantle and move your racking or shelving in stages so you are able to move your goods straight from your old premises into your new premises. If you are moving to a larger location, Maloufs is able to supply additional racking or shelving to add onto your existing materials to complete your storage needs.


We are able to offer a repair service where racks have been damaged. After a free site inspection, we are able to advise on the best and cheapest method to repair the racks, whether it is repairing the existing material or completely replacing the damaged components.

Rack Certification

Maloufs is able to inspect your racking to ensure that it is built according to Australian Standards. Where it is requested, we are able to have your pallet racking certified, and have safe working load signs installed.

Dyna-Bolt Removal

When relocating or moving from a leased warehouse, it is often required that dyna-bolts left behind from pallet racking or shelving are removed completely from the ground. Maloufs is able to remove bolts and fill in the holes leaving warehouses and factories floorings as they were found.

Trade-In's & Buy Backs

As Maloufs is a second-hand dealer, we are constantly buying back excess pallet racking and steel shelving. When you are relocating or extending your storage requirements, we can trade-in materials that are unable to be used in the new design, or do not fit in with the new storage system.

Why choose us?


If you need assistance in any way, give us a call and we’ll send someone there to help. Maloufs have experienced representatives which are available to visit your warehouse and advise on the best storage system for your needs. We are able to design a warehouse layout to maximise your storage space.


Maloufs is able to deliver Australia-wide to all major capitals and rural areas. Please let us know if you would like us to organise a delivery for you.

We also have a small fleet of delivery vehicles, servicing Sydney daily. We are able to arrange delivery with little notice. We often service locations outside the Sydney area such as Wollongong, Canberra and Newcastle.

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