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  • Rev Bill Crews Foundation

    The annual Exodus Christmas Day lunch in Ashfield is the centrepiece of the Exodus food program calendar, and ensures those with very little don't miss out on the joy of a Christmas day Lunch.

    Exodus has been providing a large-scale Christmas Lunch event for more than a quarter of a century- and it all started with a simple dinner to help a few disadvantaged youth back in 1986.

    Guests receive small but useful gifts such as toiletries packs, and children attending receive one of our donated Christmas presents. Attendees experience a range of entertainment, and everyone gets to enjoy a hearty Christmas lunch served by hundreds of Exodus Volunteers who work to ensure a friendly community environment for all.

    The event has become a media highlight with 2GB broadcasting live from the event. The day also provides an opportunity for many Sydney-siders to volunteer their services and demonstrate their support and commitment for the work of the Foundation and the people we seek to help.

    Each year Exodus staff, celebrities, dignitaries, politicians, Exodus suppliers, and radio and television media personalities join regular volunteers as part of this special event.

  • Catholic Mission

    Catholic Mission, as the Australian agency of the Pontifical Mission Societies contributes funding and provides project support to critical church-run initiatives in Africa, Asia, Oceania and South America as well as remote dioceses within Australia. Catholic Mission creates opportunities for people to be formed in mission, and respond through prayer, fundraising and action, inspiring them to reach out, and give life—within Australia and around the world. All of us engage in mission when we proclaim our faith through our words, actions and lives.

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